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Bell, Book and Candle: “astute…assured…slick, confident…Great show!”

July 18, 2013

Nash BBC Gillian and Pyewacket-280x303John van Druten’s Bell, Book and Candle, directed by Nigel Munro-Wallis, is reviewed by Stage Whispers:

“What a buzz to remember how enjoyable 1950s ‘well made plays’ were. Strong characters, no social or political issues, just characters with conflicts and crises we can all identify with.

Director Nigel Munro-Wallis made astute choices of cast and steered the action with assured direction. His actors developed slick, confident dialogue and characters who engaged us, whether we believe in witchcraft or not….”

Read the full review…

One Comment
  1. Colin permalink

    My partner and I went to see this (I being a lover of the original movie) and we were thrilled by all the performances especially by the young women playing Gillian and Aunt Queenie. Kim Novac and Elsa Lanchester would have been proud of these performances.

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